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Bosch SOFC

The most frequently asked questions about our SOFC system

Our answers to frequently asked questions about the Bosch solid oxide fuel cell system

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Our Bosch SOFC systems generate 60 percent electricity and 25 percent heat. They’re special high-temperature fuel cells that can already run on natural gas, biogas*, or a mixture with hydrogen. Their electrical efficiency is about 60 percent at beginning of life. When the generated heat is also put to productive use, our SOFC system can achieve an overall efficiency rate of more than 85 percent.

*Biogas according to DVGW G260 = biomethane

More about how it works

A single system (SOFC unit) operates in the 10-kW performance class. It generates up to 10 kW of electricity and more than 3 kW of heat. Multiple SOFC units can be combined to create a power system that scales all the way up to the megawatt range. This high level of electrical power is what differentiates fuel cells from, for example, conventional combined heat and power plants (CHPs) that mainly generate heat.

More about how it works

Our SOFC systems are appropriate for application areas that rely on a safe, highly efficient, emission-free, and decentralized power supply. This includes urban quarters, buildings, industrial and commercial enterprises, data centers, and decentralized energy solutions. Our SOFC system can also be connected to other power generation systems in adecentralized energy grid.

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The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system is currently in the pre-industrialization phase. We are working at full speed to prepare for the start of production, including with the help of numerous pilot plants.

More about milestones

We’re already operating pilot systems in real operating conditions at several Bosch locations and in collaboration with partners. These pre-series systems are providing important data and information about the continuous operation of a fuel cell system that will be crucial for their ongoing development and the eventual launch of series production.

Explore our pilot project with Deutsche Telekom

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Not yet. Our Bosch SOFC is currently in the pre-industrialization phase.

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Our SOFC system was developed for use in industrial and commercial applications. There are no plans for installing it in private buildings at this time.

The Bosch SOFC system is currently in the pilot phase. All technical specifications given are development objectives and refer to the beginning of life.

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