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Bosch SOFC

Highly efficient and future-ready – our SOFC fuel-cell technology

SOFC fuel-cell system

How does our fuel cell work and what can it do?

The goal of the energy transition is to generate and use green energy. One way to get there is with fuel cell technology. Along with photovoltaics and wind energy, fuel cell technology will be an important pillar in the energy supply of the future – not only because its carbon emissions are zero when running on pure hydrogen, but also because it meets the requirements of future power generation.

Possible fuel gases for a fuel cell are natural gas, biomethane, and hydrogen. In the fuel cell’s reformer, natural gas and biomethane are first converted to hydrogen, which then reacts with oxygen from the air. The electrochemical reaction produces more than 60 percent electricity and more than 25 percent heat. Compared to electricity from coal, the fuel cell emits more than two-thirds less CO2, when generating power. If the fuel cell runs on renewable fuels, carbon emissions drop to zero.

How does the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) work?

Each fuel cell is fueled by hydrogen, a gas that’s converted to electricity, heat, and water by means of a chemical reaction in the fuel cell that is carbon emissions-free.
The Bosch SOFC is already usable today because the solid oxide fuel cell relies on a reformer that enables even natural gas and biomethane to be used as fuel.

Highly efficient, H2-ready, decentralized, scalable, connected – the characteristics of the Bosch SOFC at a glance.

What are the benefits of an SOFC system?

Efficient, fuel-flexible, decentralized and scalable, low-emission, and low noise, the SOFC system from Bosch already combines many of the characteristics that are necessary for a successful energy transition.
Find out how the solid oxide fuel cell system differs from other forms of power generation and why hydrogen is the future of decentralized energy supply.

Brochure title page: Bosch SOFC

Our SOFC system brochure

Everything you need to know about the Bosch SOFC system at a glance

The Bosch SOFC system is currently in the pilot phase. All technical specifications given are development objectives and refer to the beginning of life.

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